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Police K9 Purchased, Vehicle Being Outfitted

Friends of Sonora Police Department Purchases K9 and Vehicle for Local Law Enforcement

The purchase of these essential tools mark the beginning of a new unit within the department.

Friends of Sonora Police Department is proud to announce that our fundraising efforts have allowed for the purchase of a dual purpose K9 and a fully outfitted vehicle for the Sonora Police Department K9 unit to get up and running to serve the community. Currently, the vehicle is in production and will subsequently be outfitted with K9 specific equipment. The dog will be selected specifically to match the needs of the department and will spend time training with its handler before being deployed.

A police K9 walks alongside a uniformed officer.

A Brief History

K9 units have been utilized for over 100 years. Throughout history, European countries used dogs for tracking purposes and for guarding docks and piers, but it wasn't until Bloodhounds were used in London to track Jack the Ripper that working police dogs became popularized. While dog breeds, training methods, and work expectations may have evolved and changed over the years, one thing has remained the same: police dogs continue to be one of the most beneficial tools for law enforcement and for the protection of the community.

What can a K9 do?

K9s can be used for a variety of jobs including search and rescue, detection (including drugs, explosives, and human remains), and perhaps most notably for apprehension. Some K9s are even utilized as victim support animals, a seldom recognized but highly beneficial K9 job function. The task a K9 is trained to do depends on the needs of the department and also on the breed of dog. For example, while a bloodhound might be a great choice for a scent detection dog, it would be of little use for apprehension. Some other commonly used dog breeds include German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Labrador Retrievers, and even Beagles.

What equipment goes in a K9 vehicle?

In addition to standard police vehicle equipment, K9 vehicles have special additions specifically to keep their occupant safe and comfortable. While equipment may vary between departments, vehicles will usually have a cage insert that takes up the entire back seat, a spill-proof water bowl, a heating and cooling system with high and low temperature alerts, window grates, and even a remote door opener for the K9 to be deployed without an officer having to return to the vehicle. Having these additional items equipped help to keep the K9 comfortable between deployments and ensure that they remain safe while their human partners are away from the vehicle.

More updates to come

We are excited to have a new four-legged friend hitting the streets in the near future. Keep an eye out for updates on our progress and take a look at our upcoming events for ways to support this and other specialized units within the Sonora Police Department.

Please consider donating or volunteering your time with Friends of Sonora Police Department. Thank you for your continued support!

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